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Improving everyday
frames through quality

Located in Oyonnax, all our production is entrusted to one of the most experienced manufacturers, a family business so out of touch with the mass market. Every craftsman work according to the rules of the art of shaping “handmade”, the machining is notably produced on pantograph called “Traditional machining”.

Our Product

Authentic hinge rivets 5 barrel, thickness variation, laser engraving, noise pad tone-on tone, gold insert, CR39 anti-reflection are some elements to get a beautiful and sustainable product.

Our Process

40 stages of manufacturing are necessary to produce one Pantos.

– Grinding
– Cutting
– Square pad noze sticking
– Eyes machining
– External shape machining
– Rear machining
– 6°Exterior trim
– Noze machining
– 9°Exterior lugs machining
– Pre-Heating before
– Bending
– Acetone steam
– Noze roll-milling
– Barelling
– Ultrasonic cleaning
– Semi-polishing roll

– Temples shape machining
– High frequency heating
– Wire core temple shooting
– Temples final machining
– Silicon Hinge protection
– Temples barelling
– Temples bending
– Temples engraving
– Temples logo under resin
– Resin drying

– Right hinge inshooting hole machining
– Right hinge inshooting
– Front Right side draft angle machining
– Right temple draft angle machining
– Right temple assembly on front
– Left hinge inshooting hole machining
– Left hinge inshooting
– Front Left side draft angle machining
– Left temple draft angle machining
– Left temple assembly on front

– Final Shiny Polishing
– Pre-Heating before temples bending
– Temples Bending
– Lenses cutting
– Clear dumy Lenses Tampo printing
– Final adujstment
– Cleaning

Our Drawing

Designed in 2014 by Emmanuel Andrivet.
(Silmo d’Or 2018 with Impressio)




– Frame 100% Handcrafted in France

(Materials & Packaging)

– Organic lenses anti-reflect manufactured in Italy
– Acetate manufactured in Italy
– Hinge rivet manufactured in Italy
– Case manufactured in Italy
– Box manufactured in Spain